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Create a free websiteIt is easy to create your own free website. We have tested the best free website builders from around the world. Generally, you get support and your own domain, when you subscribe to a website builder. The average price is around 5$. Totally free website builders, typically comes without domain ( and support.

Price and functionality are related!

There can be a big differences in the price you have to pay for a website builder depending on your requirements. If you wan’t your own domain like or maybe a webshop with credit card payment, it will cost a bit. Normally, it is a monthly payment. Anyway, it is still very cheap to create your own website using low cost or free website builders, compared to having it developed by a programmer. We will provide you with recommendations on these pages.

Are you ready to build your own website? Get started with our preferred website builder. You can also read our reviews in Danish.

The best low cost and free website builders

We have tried and tested the best low cost and free website builders, from around the world. We have tried the builders and carried out tests for usability and functions. We recommend the following builders depending on your need:

SimpleSite – Global supplier with tons of functions like blog, gallery and webshop. Very user friendly and good support

Wix – Perhaps the leading supplier of adobe flash websites. Beautiful websites.

Weebly – Very flexible solution that offers almost any functionality for businesses.

One – Offers both a simple website builder and WordPress 1-click builders. Amazing global support.

FreeWebsite – Another supplier with low cost websites. They offers free websites during 2017, we have been told.

No matter your choice of website builder, you won’t be disappointed. They all presents high quality responsive pages that are very user friendly.

You can make your own free website

Our team of testers is currently testing the leading manufactures of free website builders. Soon, we will provide video’s and compare functions and prices. The website builders are different in both price, usability and features. You can get a lot of help from reading our reviews here at “how to build your own free website”. You can go directly to our reviews.

After reading our tests and reviews, you will be able to select a website builder that suites your purpose and price. (all have a free basic version)

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and in depth comparison of Website Builders. Our test teams provides quality feedback on popular Website Builders. Our focus is on the “Easy to use” builders that can be used by anyone with a computer or tablet. These reviews are not meant for web designers or programmers.

If you know of a website builder that we have not tested yet, please let us know using the contact formula and we will add it to our line of tests.

We are currently testing carefully and getting feedback from both children, adults and businesses. This work takes some time and we apologies for the waiting time between published reviews. This site and its reviews are maintained by volunteers.

All the best Website Building Greetings from:

The “How to Create a Free Website” volunteer team.