How to make your FAQ page as a brand-new company

What can you do with your FAQ page (Frequently asked questions page) as a newly launched company?

As a new company, it can be a struggle to figure out just what kind of questions your future customers will ask you. But that shouldn’t keep you from making a FAQ page on your website.


This picture shows a question mark in connection withe an article about how to write an FAQ page as a new company.

It’s a good idea to have a FAQ page on your website because it will be easier for possible customers to find answers to the questions they might have when they are looking through your website. You can read about the many other advantages here.


Gather information


Gather information

There are multiple ways you can gather information to help you with your FAQ. Of course, you can Google search “What should I write in my FAQ?” but I will suggest using a method that will give you a more specific idea on what to put in your FAQ, that is suiting for your company.

Find inspiration

There’s nothing wrong with getting inspired by similar companies’ FAQ pages. Just don’t copy or find inspiration in their answers, only the questions. I suggest trying to only read the questions and not looking at the answers at all.

This way you can make sure the answers fit your company 100%. If you get inspired by a lot of different answers from a lot of different companies, you might accidentally create a vague impression of your company for your customers.

When choosing your sources of inspiration, it might be a good idea to look at well established, decent-sized companies with a big customer base, as they have probably built a good FAQ page over time.

For example, if you just recently started your own time registration/resource management company, a good idea would be to look at the time registration company TimeGuru or Toggl.

Make sure to adapt the questions so they fit your company.

Example: Using TimeGuru

TimeGuru: Does TimeGuru work on all devices?

Adapted versions:

Can I use your product on all devices?

Do you have an app?

The questions have the same meaning, the last two are just adapted.

Use your existing customers

If you’re not a completely new company with no customers yet, why not use your existing customers?

E-mail or call them and ask them if they have any problems or questions regarding your product. You don’t necessarily have to mention that it’s for your FAQ.

This is also a good way to interact with your customers and making sure that they feel taken care of and included in your company.

When using existing customer’s questions, you can be almost 100% sure that another potential customer will wonder the same thing.

Ask your acquaintances

Tell your friends and family about your company and ask them if your explanation leaves them with any questions. Maybe show them your website as well. Something that might seem simple or obvious to you,  because it’s your idea/concept, might be confusing to others.

Potential questions to ask:

“what is my company’s main purpose?”

If they can’t answer this question, or gives you the wrong answer, you have to make this clearer. Perhaps include it in your FAQ.

“what is my company’s core values?”

This can be extra important if your company focusses on things such as sustainability, environmental sustainability, high quality and design and so on.

“Who can use the product my company sells/produces?”

“Who is my company’s target group?”

“What problem(s) can my product solve?”

You can use their questions and answers to make your FAQ. Just make sure to only ask people you know, and not ask your customers these questions.

After all the research and inspiration, it’s time to create your own FAQ page.


After getting all your questions and answers right, it’s important to create a good structure.

First, start off by reading everything through. Are any questions or answers written more than once?

Can you combine any of the questions?

Are any of the answers conflicting with each other (stating two different things about the same subject).

When all of this is taken care of, all you need to do is get the order of your questions

When you are done constructing the different questions and answers, the only thing left to do, is placing them in an order that makes sense.

I suggest putting the more general questions first and then gradually go to the more specific ones.

When you get more customers and they begin to ask questions, it’s a good idea to update your FAQ continuously with the new questions. But this is a brilliant way to make a useful FAQ as a brand new company.

If you’re in doubt whether or not your company should even have a website, read this article.

I wish you the best of luck with your company and you FAQ page.


Kind regards,


Charlotte Larsen,

Freewebsite Support


Test: Simplesite’s online shop

Hello! Today we are putting Simplesite’s online shop to the test!

Last time we tested the basic functions in Simplesite and learned that it’s an easy and fast website! This time we will go further into their online shop and it’s functions – both for the free and PRO version.

If you are interested in reading the test of Simplesite first, click here!


Create your online shop





PRO or not?

OK, let’s get started!

Create your online shop

Click here to go to Simplesite!

The online  shop is easy to setup. On the free version of Simplesite, you can have up to five products at a time.

To create the first product, just click “create product” and fill out the information about the product. You can always change the product information, hide the product or delete it.

These are the information you can type in:

  • Product name
  • Price
  • Delivery time
  • Size – clothing sizes, shoe sizes or something else that you can choose
  • Number of copies
  • Pictures
  • Description

You can type in a lot of information about the product and this is positive, as you can avoid confusion and questions about your products.

Also, you can divide your products into categories, for example: clothing, art, shoes, etc. You can have as many product categories as you want.

this shows simplesites online shop and how you can divide your products into project groups.
Product groups

To create a product category, you click “add main product group” and name it.

You can also make a description of the category. This is a good function that will give customers an overview of which products you are offering, and it makes it easier to look for a specific product. This function is available on both versions of Simplesite.


In the menu, the button for online payment is next to “products.” Here you can decide how you want receive payment for your products. You have two options.

No online payment

Shows simplesite online shop payment methods
Payment methods

If you choose to use no online payment, all your orders will be dealt with over mail. That means that you have to decide with each buyer how they will pay you. This could for example be via a mobile pay app or cash.

Online payment

You can choose that your customers can pay over PayPal. You need to create a PayPal account, and attach it to your Simplesite shop. Simplesite already have a guide that will help you through this process.


SHows the mandatory information you have to fill out on your online shop on simplesite before you can use it
Information about your online shop

You have to fill out some information before people can use your shop. Click the button to the right of “online payment.” The shop will not work without this information.

All the boxes with a star (*) beside it are mandatory. This is for example the name of your online shop, your address and your terms and conditions. I suggest you fill out all the information.

It can be a good idea to inform your customers about shipping time, sizes, shipping prices and send them an automatic confirmation email. If you fill out this information right away, your customers will have less question that will make it easier for you to sell and maintain your online shop.


Shows simplesites design options when editing the online shop

Finally, you can choose the layout on your online shop. This is the last button in the menu. As a free user, you can choose between three different layouts: list, three columns or four columns.

You might be able to change your design further with PRO subscription, but the three different options is good too and will give you a good overview of your products, if you choose to display them in columns.


This function is first useful when you start to actually sell your products. But then, you can get an overview of how many products you have sold per day, week and month. You can also see number of orders.

PRO or not?

If you are in doubt whether or not you need to upgrade to the PRO version, you can read some pros and cons about both subscription options.

The good thing about the free version is that Simplesite doesn’t restrict you completely if you choose not to upgrade. You can still create product groups, choose PayPal payment and see your number of sales. You are restricted in the way that you can only have five products at a time.

With the PRO subscription you can have an unlimited number of products in your online shop. This of course is a big advantage, if you have more products you want to sell. Besides that, you will unlock hundreds of new design options. We suggest that if you want to use your online shop for a serious purpose you should upgrade. But if 5 products and three design options is sufficient for your online shops purpose, the free version should be enough.

Click here to go to Simplesite!

We wish you the best of luck with your online shop!
Kind regards,
The team from How to Create a Free Website

Use Simplesite to make a visual CV

It’s no secret that on a lot of workplaces today, the main part of the day is behind a desk. Many employers look at the same things on a daily basis. It’s not always fun to read CV after CV when looking for new employees.

This is why it can be refreshing for your potential employer to see a CV that is not only text and a portrait. You can use a CV-website that will automatically make you more exciting. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert to create a visual CV!

Simplesite makes it possible to create a stylish and professional CV, that doesn’t require much experience with websites. If you are in doubt about how to make a website, click here.

You can also go directly to Simplesites’ website and get started with your CV right away, here!

When is it a good idea to create a visual CV?

IT is in constant evolution. Therefore it can be a good idea to show off your IT skills no matter what kind of job you’re applying to. But especially if you are looking for a job dealing with graphics, IT, design or another creative subject.

If you are unsure if the workplace you are applying to will like a visual CV, you can always use it as a supplement to a regular CV. That way, the employer can check it out if they are interested, or simply ignore the attached link.

You will show that you are creative and that you have spent the time creating a nice CV. this way you can show that you are well structured, that is important in almost every job. Besides, your visual CV makes it possible for other companies to find your CV. Because your website is on the internet, it can be seen by everyone.

If a company is searching for employees and your CV shows up, maybe they’ll contact you.

 What goes into a visual CV?

A CV-website should contain the same information as a normal CV, the employee will still like to know the same things about you.

Here is a checklist:

  • Portrait of yourself
  • A list of experience and education
  • “about me”
  • Why you are interested in the job you are applying to, and why you are interesting for the workplace
  • Qualifications and language proficiency (If this is relevant) 

Get started

This shows how you can use Simplesite to create a visual CV
My visual CV (Example)

When you begin to make your CV, it’s important to choose images and colours that says something about yourself. Just keep in mind that your possible future boss will see it. It seems more professional to choose more down-to-earth colours, rather than choosing the pink theme. It’s the same thing with the background image.

It’s important that the most relevant information is easily accessible, so that the employer doesn’t have to look for the information they want to know. Make it clear where they can find what information by using subtitles and pages on your website. Have the most important information on the frontpage, so that the first thing the employer sees is a description and picture of yourself.


Have a structured list over your experience and education, that is easy to scan. Remember, everything can be important. Volunteer work shows that you enjoy working even when you are not getting a pay check out of it. It’s a good idea to add it if you have done any volunteer work, even if it’s not necessarily relevant to the type of work you are looking for.

You can add relevant skills, for example your level in another language or subjects in your education that is connected with the type of work.

Practical information

It can also be a good idea to add a page with practical information. You can write information such as address, that can be important in terms of where the workplace is. You can also write when you will be available for work and if you have your drivers license.

Here you can also mention your attitude towards working on the holidays, if you don’t mind it. If you don’t want to work on special holidays for example, I wouldn’t mention it in the application. It will still be important to mention what days you can work, and if there is a specific day of the week where you know you can’t work. This is of course only if you are applying for a part time job.

Finally, it is important to inform how the company can reach you if they are interested in having an interview with you. You can make a contact page, where you can give phone number and e-mail address. This information needs to be easily accessible as well, as it would be an unnecessary burden for the employer to search for it.

As you can see, you don’t have to be an IT expert to make a good visual CV. It will be a fresh new sight among all the regular CV’s the company receives. Remember, if you are in doubt if the company will like a visual CV, you can always create a regular CV but link to your website.

Click here to get started with your visual CV!


We wish you the best of luck with your CV and your future job!


Kind regards,

The team from Create a Free Website

Test of the free website Simplesite


This time we will test the free website, Simplesite. The website will be tested and evaluated by me, Charlotte, on behalf of How To Create A Free Website.

Simplesite lives up to their name, it’s amazingly simple to create a free website, and it takes less than two minutes to get started! If you want to see how easy it is to create a free website on Simplesite, keep reading!


Click here to get started right away!

Step 1

When you click create website, the first thing you need to do is choose what type of website you want to create.

This shows how you can create a free website at Simplesite
Create a Simplesite website
  • Personal / blog
  • Business
  • Other

This test will walk you through the personal blog, but you can of course choose one of the other options and still follow this test/tutorial.

Step 2

This shows Simplesites different colour themes that you can choose from, when creating a free website.
Choose colour theme

After you have chosen the type of website you want to create, it’s time to make your website personal. Simplesite has many different colour combinations that you can choose from, depending on your taste or the company’s colour scheme. I chose this theme because it fits the content of my personal blog best, the joy you can get from the sea.

Now you need to choose a background for your website, where you also can choose between the many images that Simplesite provides you for free.

This shows your background options on the free website simplesite when creating a new website.
Pick an image for your website

You can choose to keep the solid colour that comes with the colour theme you chose, or choose one of the pictures. You can always change your background if you regret the one you choose, or just need a change. You can even choose a video as a background, to make your website more ‘alive’. You can also choose to upload a picture from your own computer, but more about that later.

Step 3

Afterwards you can choose a title for your website. If the title is not your own name or something similar, it’s a good idea to choose a name that matches the content of your blog. But you can always change it later on.

Now, you need to create a username, choose an email and create a password.

It will ask you if you want to buy the domain, so that your URL won’t need to contain “simplesite” or if you want to use the free option, where your url will be

Now you are ready to personalize your website and create your first post!


Step 4

Under title you can make a subtitle. Here you can write what your website is all about, a quote or something else.

If you in keywords write what your readers can expect from your website, it can help you catch the right target group, and get them to come back.

For example:

Lifestyle – recipes – make-up

Upload your own background on Simplesite
Upload background image

If you want to have your own picture as background, click ‘design’ in the top right corner. Here you will see a button that says, “more backgrounds”, where you’ll also find an ‘’upload’’ button. When you click on it you can upload a picture from your computer and use it as a background instead of Simplesites own pictures.

Step 5

This image shows SImplesite's 'add content' button that allows you to add new content to your website
“Add content” button

Now it’s finally time to create your first post! I used the first post to tell something personal, but you can also create an “about me” page where you describe yourself, for example what you do in your everyday life, your intentions with the website, etc. But you can write whatever you want!

First click “add content” and then choose the type of content you want to create. I chose to add a text, but you can choose text and a picture, pictures only, contact information and so on.

shows a test of free website Simplesite, the first blogpost
My first blog post

You can personalize your post by choosing font, text size, write some in big, or underline a word, or even write in cursive.

Step 6

Now your frontpage is all set! Now its time to create more pages!

Shows the options you have when creating new content on simplesite.
‘Add new page’ content options

You can choose between:

  • Blank page – design your own page from scratch!
  • Contact
  • Address
  • Photo album

If you want to create a page for a specific subject on your website, for example make-up or lifestyle, it’s best to choose an empty page. Here you will get a page that looks similar to the frontpage, except this one is completely empty. The other templates is good for the purpose they are designed for, but not for long posts.

This shows how you add a product to your website on Simplesite
Create your first product

You can also create an online store on your free website.

Simplesite made it easy to create an online store and sell products. With the free website version, you can have up to five products. If you upgrade to their Pro version, you can have an unlimited number of products. You can easily administrate your products, and you can edit or delete a product from your online store any time.

When you create your first product, all you have to do is write the name, price and a short description of the product. You can also add a picture to show what the product looks like. It’s a good idea to show your readers / customers how your products look.

All your pages will be in the menu under the website tile and subtitle. You can edit in your pages and posts whenever you want.

Step 7

this shows where you can find Simplesite's step by step guides, and visitors on your website
Step-by-step guides

That’s it! Simplesite provides help and guides if you need it! They have easy step-by-step guides so if you’re ever in doubt about how to use a function, you can always check out their awesome guides! You can also check out how many visitors your website has had and decide if your readers can comment your posts or not. Here you can also upgrade to the Pro version if you decide you want to have full access to the many great functions Simplesite offers.


We wish you the best of luck with your new free website!


Kind regards,


The team from How To Create Your Own Website