Test and Review of the free website system ‘Webnode’

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On this website we test free website systems and this time we will put Webnode to the test. The free website-system Webnode will be tested and evaluated by me, Charlotte, on behalf of How To Create a Free Website.

Webnode is a free and easy website solution and it doesn’t take much time to get your website up and going. In just a few minutes I figured out how to build and design my website. The site is very simple so it is perfectly suitable for beginners who’s about to start their first free website. So stick around if you want to see how I used Webnode to create my website easy, quick and simple!


Registrer dig for at oprette en gratis hjemmeside
Step 1: Get started

If you want to create your own website while following this test/tutorial, just click on the link down below to get started:


Step 1:

To get started all you have to do is click the button ‘Get started’ after which a pop-up window shows. Here you fill out the three columns and click ‘register and create’.

Step 2:

Next you have to choose what kind of website you want as Webnode offers you three different options:

  • Personal Website

    Vælg hjemmeside type
    Choose your website type:
  • Business Website
  • Online Store

I chose to test the ‘personal website’ but depending on your purpose for your website you choose the one who suits you best. The other two, Business and Online Store, will not be reviewed in this test.

Step 3:

Now it is time to choose a template for your Website, this will help you create a nice and neat layout. I chose the template “Modern painter’s blog” but it is completely up to you which of the templates you prefer. There is a ton of different options so you’ll most likely find a template that suits your style! To choose, you just tap on the template you want and click “choose”. You can also click “preview” so you can see how the layout looks full-size.


Step 4:

1: Pick a pattern

After you have chosen your template you will be guided to your new website’s front-page. Here you can edit in the template as much as you want until it is completely to your liking!

This is a couple of features that Webnode offers for free, that I personally like:

1: You can personalize your layout even more by choosing the pattern on your websites header. You do this by pressing the gear wheel in the right corner, after which it will show you the free standard options the

Indsæt billeder
1: Choose a photo

website offers. You can also add your own, personal photo if you prefer. You can insert a picture of what your website is about or a photo of that product you will sell if that is the purpose of your website.

To add your own photo all you have to do is click **‘add picture’**. Afterwards you will see a pop-up window.  Click ‘Upload picture’ and choose from the photos you have on your computer.

Now you have your own personal header!

You can do exactly the same with your background on your website, the white section under the header. This is the same principle; you can choose from the free patterns that Webnode offers or upload your o

Skriv et blog indlæg
Change name and title:

wn. The only difference is that instead of pressing the gear wheel you pressed before, you click on the gear wheel right below it. It will appear when you hold your mouse in the top right area.


Personalize your Website: 

2: You can change the name to your own like I did on the picture to the right. I wrote ‘Charlotte Larsen/tester” but you can write your name and what your website is about, what you do for a living or something else.

Forfatter af artikel
Write an ‘About me’:

Under your name and your title, you can write a short description of what people can expect to see on your website or/and a description of yourself. in the right site you can also add a description of yourself and

perhaps a picture of yourself. Its completely up to you what you want to use the sections to, but I wrote a short description of myself and inserted a picture of myself and linked my social medias so people can find you outside your website.

Afterwards you can begin to add more pages!

Step 5:

Vælg skabelon til din gratis hjemmeside
Choose template:
Tilføj en ny side
Add page:

Now that your front page is done it is time to add more pages to your menu!

You can add pages such as ‘About me’, ‘products’, ‘make-up’ or whatever your website is about. You do this by clicking the button **‘pages’** in the top right corner. A pop-up window will show, where you can add as many pages you want to. Just press ‘add page’ and choose a template for your new page and afterwards name your site. Webnode offers plenty of free templates you can use and they help you choose depending on the purpose of the site, if you for instance need a pricelist, contact-info page, photo-gallery, etc. This makes it much easier to keep your website simple and well-arranged and saves you both time and effort.

The same way you can delete the pages you don’t want on your website anymore. You press ‘pages’ after which you click on the page you want to delete. In the bottom left corner you press the button ‘delete page’. You have to confirm that you want to delete the page, a pop-up window will show where you have to either confirm or cancel the deleting of your page.

Write, write, write!:

Step 6:

Test din nye hjemmeside
Add post:

Now you are ready to write your first post! You do this by holding the mouse as shown in the photo, a plus-sign will show. If you press it you can choose a template like we did before. Then you can begin your writing!


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We wish you good luck with your new free website!

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The team from How To Create a Free Website