Test: Simplesite’s online shop

Hello! Today we are putting Simplesite’s online shop to the test!

Last time we tested the basic functions in Simplesite and learned that it’s an easy and fast website! This time we will go further into their online shop and it’s functions – both for the free and PRO version.

If you are interested in reading the test of Simplesite first, click here!


Create your online shop





PRO or not?

OK, let’s get started!

Create your online shop

Click here to go to Simplesite!

The online  shop is easy to setup. On the free version of Simplesite, you can have up to five products at a time.

To create the first product, just click “create product” and fill out the information about the product. You can always change the product information, hide the product or delete it.

These are the information you can type in:

  • Product name
  • Price
  • Delivery time
  • Size – clothing sizes, shoe sizes or something else that you can choose
  • Number of copies
  • Pictures
  • Description

You can type in a lot of information about the product and this is positive, as you can avoid confusion and questions about your products.

Also, you can divide your products into categories, for example: clothing, art, shoes, etc. You can have as many product categories as you want.

this shows simplesites online shop and how you can divide your products into project groups.
Product groups

To create a product category, you click “add main product group” and name it.

You can also make a description of the category. This is a good function that will give customers an overview of which products you are offering, and it makes it easier to look for a specific product. This function is available on both versions of Simplesite.


In the menu, the button for online payment is next to “products.” Here you can decide how you want receive payment for your products. You have two options.

No online payment

Shows simplesite online shop payment methods
Payment methods

If you choose to use no online payment, all your orders will be dealt with over mail. That means that you have to decide with each buyer how they will pay you. This could for example be via a mobile pay app or cash.

Online payment

You can choose that your customers can pay over PayPal. You need to create a PayPal account, and attach it to your Simplesite shop. Simplesite already have a guide that will help you through this process.


SHows the mandatory information you have to fill out on your online shop on simplesite before you can use it
Information about your online shop

You have to fill out some information before people can use your shop. Click the button to the right of “online payment.” The shop will not work without this information.

All the boxes with a star (*) beside it are mandatory. This is for example the name of your online shop, your address and your terms and conditions. I suggest you fill out all the information.

It can be a good idea to inform your customers about shipping time, sizes, shipping prices and send them an automatic confirmation email. If you fill out this information right away, your customers will have less question that will make it easier for you to sell and maintain your online shop.


Shows simplesites design options when editing the online shop

Finally, you can choose the layout on your online shop. This is the last button in the menu. As a free user, you can choose between three different layouts: list, three columns or four columns.

You might be able to change your design further with PRO subscription, but the three different options is good too and will give you a good overview of your products, if you choose to display them in columns.


This function is first useful when you start to actually sell your products. But then, you can get an overview of how many products you have sold per day, week and month. You can also see number of orders.

PRO or not?

If you are in doubt whether or not you need to upgrade to the PRO version, you can read some pros and cons about both subscription options.

The good thing about the free version is that Simplesite doesn’t restrict you completely if you choose not to upgrade. You can still create product groups, choose PayPal payment and see your number of sales. You are restricted in the way that you can only have five products at a time.

With the PRO subscription you can have an unlimited number of products in your online shop. This of course is a big advantage, if you have more products you want to sell. Besides that, you will unlock hundreds of new design options. We suggest that if you want to use your online shop for a serious purpose you should upgrade. But if 5 products and three design options is sufficient for your online shops purpose, the free version should be enough.

Click here to go to Simplesite!

We wish you the best of luck with your online shop!
Kind regards,
The team from How to Create a Free Website