Test of the free website Simplesite


This time we will test the free website, Simplesite. The website will be tested and evaluated by me, Charlotte, on behalf of How To Create A Free Website.

Simplesite lives up to their name, it’s amazingly simple to create a free website, and it takes less than two minutes to get started! If you want to see how easy it is to create a free website on Simplesite, keep reading!


Click here to get started right away!

Step 1

When you click create website, the first thing you need to do is choose what type of website you want to create.

This shows how you can create a free website at Simplesite
Create a Simplesite website
  • Personal / blog
  • Business
  • Other

This test will walk you through the personal blog, but you can of course choose one of the other options and still follow this test/tutorial.

Step 2

This shows Simplesites different colour themes that you can choose from, when creating a free website.
Choose colour theme

After you have chosen the type of website you want to create, it’s time to make your website personal. Simplesite has many different colour combinations that you can choose from, depending on your taste or the company’s colour scheme. I chose this theme because it fits the content of my personal blog best, the joy you can get from the sea.

Now you need to choose a background for your website, where you also can choose between the many images that Simplesite provides you for free.

This shows your background options on the free website simplesite when creating a new website.
Pick an image for your website

You can choose to keep the solid colour that comes with the colour theme you chose, or choose one of the pictures. You can always change your background if you regret the one you choose, or just need a change. You can even choose a video as a background, to make your website more ‘alive’. You can also choose to upload a picture from your own computer, but more about that later.

Step 3

Afterwards you can choose a title for your website. If the title is not your own name or something similar, it’s a good idea to choose a name that matches the content of your blog. But you can always change it later on.

Now, you need to create a username, choose an email and create a password.

It will ask you if you want to buy the domain, so that your URL won’t need to contain “simplesite” or if you want to use the free option, where your url will be yourname.simplesite.com.

Now you are ready to personalize your website and create your first post!


Step 4

Under title you can make a subtitle. Here you can write what your website is all about, a quote or something else.

If you in keywords write what your readers can expect from your website, it can help you catch the right target group, and get them to come back.

For example:

Lifestyle – recipes – make-up

Upload your own background on Simplesite
Upload background image

If you want to have your own picture as background, click ‘design’ in the top right corner. Here you will see a button that says, “more backgrounds”, where you’ll also find an ‘’upload’’ button. When you click on it you can upload a picture from your computer and use it as a background instead of Simplesites own pictures.

Step 5

This image shows SImplesite's 'add content' button that allows you to add new content to your website
“Add content” button

Now it’s finally time to create your first post! I used the first post to tell something personal, but you can also create an “about me” page where you describe yourself, for example what you do in your everyday life, your intentions with the website, etc. But you can write whatever you want!

First click “add content” and then choose the type of content you want to create. I chose to add a text, but you can choose text and a picture, pictures only, contact information and so on.

shows a test of free website Simplesite, the first blogpost
My first blog post

You can personalize your post by choosing font, text size, write some in big, or underline a word, or even write in cursive.

Step 6

Now your frontpage is all set! Now its time to create more pages!

Shows the options you have when creating new content on simplesite.
‘Add new page’ content options

You can choose between:

  • Blank page – design your own page from scratch!
  • Contact
  • Address
  • Photo album

If you want to create a page for a specific subject on your website, for example make-up or lifestyle, it’s best to choose an empty page. Here you will get a page that looks similar to the frontpage, except this one is completely empty. The other templates is good for the purpose they are designed for, but not for long posts.

This shows how you add a product to your website on Simplesite
Create your first product

You can also create an online store on your free website.

Simplesite made it easy to create an online store and sell products. With the free website version, you can have up to five products. If you upgrade to their Pro version, you can have an unlimited number of products. You can easily administrate your products, and you can edit or delete a product from your online store any time.

When you create your first product, all you have to do is write the name, price and a short description of the product. You can also add a picture to show what the product looks like. It’s a good idea to show your readers / customers how your products look.

All your pages will be in the menu under the website tile and subtitle. You can edit in your pages and posts whenever you want.

Step 7

this shows where you can find Simplesite's step by step guides, and visitors on your website
Step-by-step guides

That’s it! Simplesite provides help and guides if you need it! They have easy step-by-step guides so if you’re ever in doubt about how to use a function, you can always check out their awesome guides! You can also check out how many visitors your website has had and decide if your readers can comment your posts or not. Here you can also upgrade to the Pro version if you decide you want to have full access to the many great functions Simplesite offers.


We wish you the best of luck with your new free website!


Kind regards,


The team from How To Create Your Own Website