Use Simplesite to make a visual CV

It’s no secret that on a lot of workplaces today, the main part of the day is behind a desk. Many employers look at the same things on a daily basis. It’s not always fun to read CV after CV when looking for new employees.

This is why it can be refreshing for your potential employer to see a CV that is not only text and a portrait. You can use a CV-website that will automatically make you more exciting. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert to create a visual CV!

Simplesite makes it possible to create a stylish and professional CV, that doesn’t require much experience with websites. If you are in doubt about how to make a website, click here.

You can also go directly to Simplesites’ website and get started with your CV right away, here!

When is it a good idea to create a visual CV?

IT is in constant evolution. Therefore it can be a good idea to show off your IT skills no matter what kind of job you’re applying to. But especially if you are looking for a job dealing with graphics, IT, design or another creative subject.

If you are unsure if the workplace you are applying to will like a visual CV, you can always use it as a supplement to a regular CV. That way, the employer can check it out if they are interested, or simply ignore the attached link.

You will show that you are creative and that you have spent the time creating a nice CV. this way you can show that you are well structured, that is important in almost every job. Besides, your visual CV makes it possible for other companies to find your CV. Because your website is on the internet, it can be seen by everyone.

If a company is searching for employees and your CV shows up, maybe they’ll contact you.

 What goes into a visual CV?

A CV-website should contain the same information as a normal CV, the employee will still like to know the same things about you.

Here is a checklist:

  • Portrait of yourself
  • A list of experience and education
  • “about me”
  • Why you are interested in the job you are applying to, and why you are interesting for the workplace
  • Qualifications and language proficiency (If this is relevant) 

Get started

This shows how you can use Simplesite to create a visual CV
My visual CV (Example)

When you begin to make your CV, it’s important to choose images and colours that says something about yourself. Just keep in mind that your possible future boss will see it. It seems more professional to choose more down-to-earth colours, rather than choosing the pink theme. It’s the same thing with the background image.

It’s important that the most relevant information is easily accessible, so that the employer doesn’t have to look for the information they want to know. Make it clear where they can find what information by using subtitles and pages on your website. Have the most important information on the frontpage, so that the first thing the employer sees is a description and picture of yourself.


Have a structured list over your experience and education, that is easy to scan. Remember, everything can be important. Volunteer work shows that you enjoy working even when you are not getting a pay check out of it. It’s a good idea to add it if you have done any volunteer work, even if it’s not necessarily relevant to the type of work you are looking for.

You can add relevant skills, for example your level in another language or subjects in your education that is connected with the type of work.

Practical information

It can also be a good idea to add a page with practical information. You can write information such as address, that can be important in terms of where the workplace is. You can also write when you will be available for work and if you have your drivers license.

Here you can also mention your attitude towards working on the holidays, if you don’t mind it. If you don’t want to work on special holidays for example, I wouldn’t mention it in the application. It will still be important to mention what days you can work, and if there is a specific day of the week where you know you can’t work. This is of course only if you are applying for a part time job.

Finally, it is important to inform how the company can reach you if they are interested in having an interview with you. You can make a contact page, where you can give phone number and e-mail address. This information needs to be easily accessible as well, as it would be an unnecessary burden for the employer to search for it.

As you can see, you don’t have to be an IT expert to make a good visual CV. It will be a fresh new sight among all the regular CV’s the company receives. Remember, if you are in doubt if the company will like a visual CV, you can always create a regular CV but link to your website.

Click here to get started with your visual CV!


We wish you the best of luck with your CV and your future job!


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