Website builder review

We are currently test top website builders and will soon provide reviews and guides for creating a free website. In the meantime, we have provided beautiful samples from top website builders. If you wan’t to try them out, just click on the preferred website image to get going. Have fun! (You can also visit our reviews in Danish)

SimpleSite – “One of the most user friendly website builders on the market. It has everything you need to create websites. Themes for hobbies, sports, social clubs and small businesses are available. There are many beautiful templates to chose from”

Responsive websites from SimpleSite
Responsive (mobile and table friendly) website from SimpleSite – “This is also one of the most popular website builders for business purposes and experienced users. It has build in features like web-shop and formula designer. There is also an App store and embedded html support. Many business applications are available from third party vendors as well”

Weebly elegant website
Probably the most elegant website from Weebly

How to create a free website with Wix – “One of the most advances builders in the – Easy to Use – category. It has everything from plugins to running a restaurant to ticket systems. While this is a great, cheap and user friendly solution for businesses, it might be  overwhelming for some”

Wix responsive websites
Create a beautiful responsive website using Wix – They have their own simple website builder but also 1-click WordPress

1-click WordPress
The worlds largest Blog/CMS system with more that 65 million websites

WordPress websites

WordPress is one of the most beloved CMS systems. It is used by more than 65 million people and companies around the world. WordPress is also called a “Blog” or “CMS” system which stands for content management system. A really nice thing about WordPress, is that it is open source. This means that it basically is free to use and third party programmers can develop add-on’s which provides endless opportunities. Mange add-on’s are totally free as well.

A WordPress website have the following basic functions that can be extended:

  • CMS – Content management
  • Responsive and beautyful templates that can be easily exchanged
  • High security
  • Social media integration
  • Login for closed area (intranet)
  • Plug-ins for anything (webshop, SEO optimization etc)

The price of WordPress?

WordPress id open source and free as such. But, you will need a domain and DNS as well as a place to host your WordPress website. Most suppliers offers a package including it all at a very fair price. 1-Click WordPress from, is one of them.

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